Top 5 Kanayo O. Kanayo Ritual Movies

By Arc

Nollywood has cashed out over and over with productions about rituals and no one has made more money from these stories in the industry than the man of the moment, Kanayo O. Kanayo. No matter the role he plays, a new recruit destined to bring the cult down, recruiter, member or grandmaster, K.O.K delivers. Here are the top 5 ritual movies featuring K.O.K

Desperate Billionaire

This story that would fit in stories my mother told me features Bimbo Akintola, Ini Edo and Rita Dominic as unsuspecting women Chief Shinkafi (medusa serving vampire man snake) offers for money.

End of Money 

An all-star cast that might well have been sponsored by General Motors with all the 36 million naira Hummer jeeps on display (the Hummer reign lasted a minute). Kenneth Okonkwo loses everything and is forced to join the clan.

Nothing for Nothing

The Don (as Amaobi) recruits his struggling friend Emenike (Clem Ohaneze) into his cult and Emenike gives up having children. As he cannot bear this later on, he runs to Christ for redemption and brings down the priestess, Mama Nnukwu (Clarion Chukwurah). Cult chant and soundtrack were golden.

“Okiri kiri ka a na agba ukwu ose, anaghi ari ya elu

🎶People wey no know me before, dey call me now, fine girls wey no look my side before, dey call me honey, my life don change since I don get money.🎶

Abuja Boys

Featuring Kanayo O. Kanayo, Ejike Asiegbu, Tony Umez, Clem Ohaneze and Charles Okafor. 5 friends ignore the wise words of a prophetess instructing them to wait on the Lord for money and decide to sign a 10-year contract with the devil. The non-star face among the friends doesn’t make it through the signing process and the rest of the gang struggles to come to terms with their deal a decade after.

Billionaire’s Club

Another one featuring the usual suspects with crying Chidi Ihezie tormenting her husband (Tony Umez) for sacrificing her and the baby till he confesses.


The script is usually the same. A suffering man reaches his elastic limit (can’t take it any more) and an old-time friend appears. He convinces him to be a man and make a sacrifice. Obscene wealth follows, from a locked room in his house or his business just blossoms. Titles, nicknames, convoys of cars, parties and social gatherings with cash-spraying scenes come next. The contract runs out and the cult would not let him leave on a free transfer. There has to be a sacrifice too costly or grave. He dies, runs mad or runs to Jesus power- superpower. To God be the glory pops up on the screen. The producer hopes the message has been passed, what does it profit a man….

Do these cults truly exist? Can the gods produce minted currency in your bedroom?

For all my Nollywood movie knowledge, I have struggled to name the movie featuring the viral used-his-colleague’s-sister scene. I will give 10,000 naira to the first person who names correctly the parent movie of the scene in the comments on this page (plus proof I should add, YouTube link et al)

Sacrificial Side Eye

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