Top 5 Kanayo O. Kanayo Non-Ritual Roles

By: Arc

Contrary to popular opinion K.O.K does not always play the ritualist. He has starred in other “regular movie roles.” Here are the top 5 roles that show he is more than Nna Anyi sacrifice:

Lost Kingdom 1999

This is by far my favourite Kanayo movie and his most memorable performance. The story follows Nnanna Ike, a well-known criminal forcefully seizing power and making himself Igwe (sounds familiar?), and stars Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. I NEED to see this movie again and I am on bended knees to whoever has rights to Ndubuisi Okoh’s movie (bless his soul), please please get this to Multichoice, ROK, Netflix, Prime or outright sell me the master copy. I will pay a million naira to see this movie (no jokes).

Festival of Fire 2002

Many remember this movie for darling Regina Askia (bio now says Nigerian nurse, Nigerian actress biko), Saint Obi (may he rest in peace) and the rendition of Ave Maria. Still, dictator Prince Amaechi played by K.O.K. stands out. He worked to protect the gods of his land and their wishes, twin babies were to be killed, plain and simple. “Amadioha! Amadioha!! Amadioha!!!” the movie ended with his war cry and what a scene it was.

The Master 2004

K.O.K plays the role of con overlord, scamming, oppressing and then recruiting and training Osuofia into the master 419er he becomes. The Oui Oui fraud routine was well played out and the movie along with its soundtrack is classic.

Battle of Love 2001 and sequel Across the Niger 2004

A civil war-themed story of love and ethnic tensions. This movie showed me what happens when you said Allahu Akbar in the wrong accent. Dubem and Habibi’s love story should be told and retold, might be the story to tell should be Dubem and Tolulope, given the circumstances.

Professor Johnbull 2016

Tchidi Chikere’s Glo-sponsored educative family TV show Professor Johnbull featuring Flavour’s epic soundtrack concludes the list. Over and out.

These movies showcase Kanayo O. Kanayo’s versatility as an actor and his ability to portray complex characters across different genres. Even the ritual movies showcase his range as most times he starts out as the hustling man that life breaks and forces him into ill practices. There was a saying in my house- “you never suffer pass Kanayo”, a testament to his delivery of seeing premium shege.

Directors took to type casting this brilliant actor after the success of 1992 ‘s Living In Bondage and 1997’s Blood Money (where Zack Orji his colleague sacrifices his son; he will go on to return the favour in the now viral scene, using his colleague’s sister). End of Money, Nothing for Nothing, Desperate Billionaire (Shinkafe) et al followed and sealed his fate. Zulu Adigwe is the face of evil bad belle kinsman (Re: 40 days & 40 nights), Chiwetalu Agu represents mischievous Onowu or kinsman, you will expect Grand Master Columbus Irosanga (eyeballs) or Chief Pete Edochie to be synonymous to the occult, yet it has fallen to K.O.K, who has accepted it light heartedly and always reiterates he is a Christian (seeing the funny side of it). Hopefully, the ritual mantle will pass on to Yul, when he is in a sane or non-Judy state that is.

About K.O.K

Anayo (ChukwuKanayo) Modestus Onyekwere (thankful he didn’t pick Modestus as a star name) was born on 1st March 1962 and raised in Aba. He is a philosopher with a diploma in mass communications, a law degree, and a master’s in political sciences up his sleeves. He joined the Nigerian legal confraternity (NBA) in 2020 and has become one of the most marketable faces in the country, starring in ads and gracing high-profile occasions.

“It takes sacrifice to be a man, just do it”


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