Top 5 Epic Yoruba Movies You Should See

Yollywood is thriving and the Yoruba language, music and culture are being exported (sadly it makes little or no mark on our collapsing currency at forex). Here are 5 Epic Yoruba movies you should see and where to watch them:

Elesin Oba (The King’s Horseman) 2022

Elesin Oba, the king’s horseman (played by Odunlade Adekola) clings to worldly pleasures and fails to fulfil his final responsibility to his dead king, ritual suicide to join him in the afterlife. This leads to a confrontation with British colonial masters and the loss of his son. The film is adapted from Wole Soyinka’s play, Death and the King’s Horseman based on true events. Available on Netflix Naija.

King of Thieves 2022

The people of Ajeromi (hunters, witches and wizards) must unite to protect their kingdom from an invincible bandit and terrorist Agesinkole (Femi Adebayo). Available on Prime Naija.

Orisa (Deity) 2023

This movie touted as Nollywood’s most-watched film of 2023 stars Odunlade Adekola (who seems to be the common denominator) in the titular role as a king who disregards the authority of the gods and is struck with madness (Nebuchadnezzar style) at the critical time of the invasion of his kingdom by a terrorist. This movie is still showing at the cinemas.

Jagun Jagun (The Warrior) 2023

This action-packed epic follows the story of Gbojita (Lateef Adedimeji), a young man who joins an elite army to master charms and warfare. His exploits endear him to a lovely woman and gains the attention and rage of a maniacal warlord (Femi Adebayo). Available on Netflix.

Anikulakpo 2022

This story by renowned filmmaker Kunle Afolayan tells the story of Saro (Kunle Remi), an ambitious young man who is given a second chance at life and how he uses his newfound resurrection powers. It also stars the queen of Nigerian screens Sola Sobowale and actress of the moment Bimbo Ademoye. Available on Netflix.

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