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The Better Half

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It’s been “almost a year” since Africa’s biggest music duo decided to lay bare their Anambrarian-Ego-(pun intended)-above-everything-else. The handling of their split was embarrassing to say the least. Their silly sibling rivalry emphasized the need for Nigerian celebrities to start employing “handlers”. People with a little more sense than they have to project their image, sort out the nasties and make sure the truth is never bitter.

“Good day Psquarians (whatever name P-square fans are called), having spent the past decade working on the P-square brand, Paul and Peter have decided to step out to show their individuality…Two separate heads are better than one (whatever lame excuse they come up with)…It would be business as usual save you get to enjoy music made by each of us in our own image…Today we give you Mr. P and King Rudy…”

You know it would have been extra cheesy if they went “P-square is trying to find their square root”…You can steal Raymond’s face but you can’t buy class…


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In what should be the worst decision they have ever made, the twin brothers decided to break up Nigeria’s Family music duo (or at least one decided). Let’s face it, P-square are not exactly top notch musical talent (Talent as in exceptional song writing, voice, limerick skills, stage craft or the likes). They had the African factor, THE VIBE, which in itself is talent but you get what I mean. We loved them so much, they dropped relatable hits you could play at CWO meetings, we let mediocre lines and songs pass time and time again (Habatically; Like the statue of Liberty, no one knows tomorrow; Allowing a featured artist say “My love for you na Jackie Chan….”; Game over); it was P-square, it’s allowed. However when you go from the A list to the P list, we can’t let lines like these slide. We are forced to place their songs in our critic booth, rip and dissect as we attempt to answer the question “WHO IS THE BETTER HALF?”



  • He has released the most number of singles (seems to have the greater means)
  • A number of collaborations
  • Set himself up nicely as Mr. P- dancer and dance promoter (great dancer)


  • Music videos are very laughable, comic relief really for true lovers of art. Very poorly made.
  • Has been accused of lacking the Psquare voice and we at NazRev agree; He seems to have found his way with Ebeano (Sounds way too much like Personally) though
  • Way too much Auto tune

King Rudy


  • The owner of the P-square sound
  • Songs remain catchy and CWO playable
  • Strong media presence @ number of video views


  • Hasn’t churned out as many songs (seems to be taking his time though, quality over quantity)
  • Made IFAi lol
  • We haven’t been let in on the deal with The Rudicals

We all know what we would love to see, a Mr. P ft Rude boy club banger; till then have your say in the comment section; Who is the Better Half? Hardworking Peter or equally hardworking (maybe cautious) Paul? Which is your favourite ‘Split Square’ song?

King Rudy

Nkenji keke 

Fire Fire 

Somebody Baby 



It’s Allowed  


Cool It Down 

For My Head 

My Way 

Look Into My Eyes 





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