The Best Old Nollywood Blockbusters

By: Arc

These movies rocked our childhood and we should make a point of showing it to the coming generation. Here are the top 6 old Nollywood blockbusters:

1. Glamour Girls

A timeless movie showcasing the colourful world of organized prostitution (hook-up in the pre-hook-up era) and exploitation. This drama-filled movie was fun to watch and featured the horrifying story of a man pimping out his wife to dogs in Europe, and lavishing her earnings on a side piece in Nigeria. He got what he deserved in the end. The nudity or indecency that earned this movie the 18+ stamp, caused an outcry, and gave this classic a cult following would be seen as church-standard-decent in today’s Nigeria. Play Network tried a reboot that stayed true to the studio’s persona- playing. 

2. Rattlesnake

Ever wondered why your aunts and uncles call Francis Duru, Ahanna? This is your answer. This touching story follows a boy pushed to crime after his uncle took control of his father’s properties following his death. This movie had us rooting for a criminal and hoping he makes a clean break. It had soul, comedy, action, romance (who can forget Ahanna and Amara), names that stuck to the head (Egbe, Bala, Sango), bromance, and betrayal. Another classic Play Network attempts to reboot (2021 Rattlesnake).

3. Osuofia In London

This Vcd sold as fast as groceries. Nkem Owoh delivers without his side kick Sam Loco in this brilliantly done comedy that makes you aspire to the next of kin position. Its influence has created a string of “in London” titles.

4. Igodo

This epic adventure kick started the journey to the land of the spirits films (Egg of life et al) and I dare say was the inspiration for Gulder Ultimate Search. This obstacle course themed movie was beautifully crafted, back stories made you care so much for the characters, and it featured wise sayings. In another world, this would have its own video game.

5. Issakaba

What do you do when the machete turns red? Children feared Issakaba’s judgement for borrowing meat from the soup pot. This movie based on real-life Bakassi boys gave upright citizens the chills, nevermind criminals. Sam Dede as Ebube showed why he has a Theatre Arts degree.

6. Full Moon

Regina Askia, Nollywood’s runaway mother is known for a host of memorable titles. Perhaps Full Moon is the most memorable. This story follows a child granted supernatural powers by the shining full moon on the night she was born (same night her parents were murdered) and how she enacts her revenge.

Marketed and distributed by No 61 Upper Iweka Aba was not a joke. No cinemas, no premiere, yet, everyone saw these movies. Were films better distributed as VHS tapes? VCDs and DVDs? Have streaming platforms ruined the distribution of films?

You can watch these off YouTube while we wait for the studios to make HD copies  available to Netflix or Prime.

Do you have a better top list? Show us in the comments

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