By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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We were happy as kids are before they understand the world
Arms locked together with eyes for each other alone; we twirled
I have learned that if it doesn’t look right, it’s because it’s not
The deed was not to eat the apple; it was to fall for her plot

The redness of the fruit wasn’t what made it cute
It was the words of the snake; melody from a flute
I always felt that the grasses in this garden were too green; the sun just shined too bright
I was tired of the illusion of serenity; the snake was a welcome sight.

Pretty damsel is that tree in the middle the only thing you doubt?
If knowledge were rainfall, then this garden suffers drought
Missus I see you lie awake and ponder over these things; this paradise is your hell
Taste the apple and see; I promise not to tell

But this woman he gave me always seemed not to be satisfied here
Kiss me passionately today because tomorrow you’ll disappear
The lady looks at the clearness of the river, eyes filled with disbelief
I shut her eyes from the sight and hear the sigh of relief

The day I ate that fruit was the first time I saw
The nothingness that surrounds Eden; Oh I knew those grasses were straw!
I never believed a river could be so clear
See the friendly animals bare their teeth and sneer

Being with you was like a deep sleep that births a peaceful dream
In this garden “ignorance is bliss” was the theme
Indeed it was good while it lasted; this short story of ours
Goodbye green grass, red apples, clear rivers and paradise flowers!



Have you ever felt like an observer in your own life?
You walk and talk just to avoid strife
You hear them discuss;you nod to all the things you don’t believe
To make these people happy, you have to appear naive

I will become the muse; the confidant I will be
I unwillingly listened to their grand schemes like some helpless detainee
But can two walk together except they agree?
I am so happy yet I can’t wait to be an escapee

A blind man can’t see; doesn’t the world still exist?
The truth is what it is no matter how hard you resist
You’re the nodding lizard sitting quietly in their midst
But things that contradict can never coexist

Freedom in this place is the biggest cage
Pretend that you know all by virtue of your age
I am a character in a messed up drama; I am fully aware am on a stage
A smile is my wage; silence will prevent a rage

But just as fruits ripe in the season
Doubt will give you a reason to commit treason
Better to die upholding the things you believe
Even if inner peace is the only thing in life you achieve



I am Nwadiala (free born son) and it is the time to take a bride
I cannot take my Chinyere;it’s a matter of family pride
I fell in love with an Osu (outcast), and they said she can’t bear my name
Society has the final say, so I must quench the flame

I am Mma Ejima (the mother of twins) who has to return Chukwu’s(God)gift
I begged Otammiri (goddess of rivers) for mercy as I watched my children drift
I am the widow who Ndigbo (Igbo people) accused of killing her husband
Amadioha (god of justice) sat and watched as stones flew from a thousand

But today we will cast our worries away
See how Umuaka (children) listen to akuko ifo (folklores),and see how the palm trees sway!
Umunwoke (the men) drink mmanya (palm wine) as the discuss the issues of the land
I drew that picture of happiness on the sand

Ala Igbo (Igbo Land) has seen many joys and sorrows
But Okeokpa (the male fowl) will still usher in many tomorrows
Today the gods demand a human sacrifice, the next day Oja (the flute) will revive our souls
The stories of our people, land and ancestors are too big for scrolls

I am the Okenye (an elder) and have seen many suns rise here
So let him who has ears hear
Ndigbo are strong people who tower over others like the Osisi Nkwu (the palm tree) of our land.
If Chukwu blesses us,and Amadioha protects us, then Ndigbo will stand

Nwachukwu Chukwuebuka Oguchi is a 400 level accounting student of Uniport and a holder of the ICAN AAT certification. He loves writing and reading. His interests are poetry, prose, satirical works and melancholic literature. Facebook username and handle name: wondakid16; Ebuka Nwachukwu.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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