…Prince Mordred…

By: Dennis Ekene

Level: 1

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Prince Mordred

I am Pharaoh’s first born and heir to the Egyptian throne
Forget the Israelite boy, I run this kingdom alone
I build what I want, who I want is who is dead
I don’t care whose ox is gored, I am Prince Mordred
The story untold, the tale they never wrote, the part they choose to forget
The Atrocities I made, the Carnage I create, the Anathema tagged on my hobbies
But there is nothing wrong in having blood for tea
Or decorating the palace with a few heads hanging on a tree
Who doesn’t love the aroma of burning flesh or the screams of women and kids

With my staff, I tap and I sin on each sound
The map of Egypt on their backs that’s my artistic work with a little whip
What grandeur!
I’ll make the best King
Let the bells ring
We’ll build a new tower of Babel, with my name on it
Because I can do anything as I deem fit
And no power, Up or down can resist.

Mr. Lazy

Okay, finally we will humble ourselves and beg Mr lazy
Oh my dear friend, my most bosom friend
I’m sorry I ve been fighting you with all my might all these while
And resisting all your antics though to no avail
I just realized my mistake
Please, You are stronger, I concede and bow my head in shame
Please take the crown and the prize and go away
Please and Please

I ll never fight you again, you rule supreme
Just go back to your Palace far away
I promise to send my tribute every day
Please extend my plea to your brother sleep
Me and my friends are sorry for all the Coffee and the Nescafe
It brought us no good, worse off we have fared

As we lay defeated by laziness and sleep
It was never a fight but a beating
The taste of the pudding is in the eating
We’re not strong enough
Please be off
No need beating us, we are already down.
Be gone.


Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane

Slam dunk into your brain


Remember those things we used to worry about

To fret and tarry about

Stuff we lost sleep over

Where are they now?

If only we knew better

We’ll never falter, things are only worth the value we tether to them


Time wounds all heels, Time heals all wounds

The Fairness of Life

Brother, there’s no such thing as a fair life

Climb down from airs and face the facts

I’ve seen sinners pass where the righteous fail

I’ve seen corrupt leaders hailed

I’ve seen brilliant students fail while playboys pass

I’ve seen rich thieves never nailed

It’s not as simple as “wakeup and kick ass”

There’s no such thing as a fair life

Else, you spy the long run brother…

Some say its Karma, I think its natural justice

I’ve seen bloody rich men never happy

I’ve seen first class graduates soaked in famine

I’ve seen lowly men live long and healthy

I’ve seen men on death row, whining with no canine

Cause finally, Life is not necessarily fair, but life is just brother

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)


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