…The Better Half…

The Better Half

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It’s been “almost a year” since Africa’s biggest music duo decided to lay bare their Anambrarian-Ego-(pun intended)-above-everything-else. The handling of their split was embarrassing to say the least. Their silly sibling rivalry emphasized the need for Nigerian celebrities to start employing “handlers”. People with a little more sense than they have to project their image, sort out the nasties and make sure the truth is never bitter.

“Good day Psquarians (whatever name P-square fans are called), having spent the past decade working on the P-square brand, Paul and Peter have decided to step out to show their individuality…Two separate heads are better than one (whatever lame excuse they come up with)…It would be business as usual save you get to enjoy music made by each of us in our own image…Today we give you Mr. P and King Rudy…”

You know it would have been extra cheesy if they went “P-square is trying to find their square root”…You can steal Raymond’s face but you can’t buy class… Continue reading


By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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We were happy as kids are before they understand the world
Arms locked together with eyes for each other alone; we twirled
I have learned that if it doesn’t look right, it’s because it’s not
The deed was not to eat the apple; it was to fall for her plot

The redness of the fruit wasn’t what made it cute
It was the words of the snake; melody from a flute
I always felt that the grasses in this garden were too green; the sun just shined too bright
I was tired of the illusion of serenity; the snake was a welcome sight.

Pretty damsel is that tree in the middle the only thing you doubt?
If knowledge were rainfall, then this garden suffers drought
Missus I see you lie awake and ponder over these things; this paradise is your hell
Taste the apple and see; I promise not to tell Continue reading

Obongawan Okoyong: Mary Born of Robert Slessor

By: Arc

Level: 3

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They didn’t all come to kill and destroy; some of them came with good intentions. Some came to share in our humanity, to speak in our tongue, to share in our pain.

Mary was born on the 2nd day of December, 1848 to alcoholic cobbler Robert and skilled weaver Mary Slessor. Mary Slessor The II  or Mary Slessor Jr. if you like grew up in the slums of Dundee and learned to work at the early age of eleven. At a time when there was no penicillin, Mary lost her father and two brothers to pneumonia. By age fourteen she had mastered the art of turning jute into mats and clothing, doing her best to support her mother and sisters. Continue reading

…Prince Mordred…

By: Dennis Ekene

Level: 1

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Prince Mordred

I am Pharaoh’s first born and heir to the Egyptian throne
Forget the Israelite boy, I run this kingdom alone
I build what I want, who I want is who is dead
I don’t care whose ox is gored, I am Prince Mordred
The story untold, the tale they never wrote, the part they choose to forget
The Atrocities I made, the Carnage I create, the Anathema tagged on my hobbies
But there is nothing wrong in having blood for tea
Or decorating the palace with a few heads hanging on a tree
Who doesn’t love the aroma of burning flesh or the screams of women and kids Continue reading


By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 2

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Socrates speaks: Right from my earliest years [when exactly I do not know] I have never taken a thing said to me at face value

Except it be God himself that speaks I will doubt

The persons that speak to me are not liars but are merely vessels of half knowledge

But I believe knowing nothing is far less dangerous than knowing a little!

Plato speaks: Pardon my mentor for his rude way of speaking [it is no way to address you learned men]

What he meant to say was that the whole lot of you are little more than puppets

Some are basic puppets: puppets of culture, religion and group think. Hands and legs move only when moved

But there are still sophisticated mannequins among you.

Sophisticated, but puppets all the same

Socrates speaks: Listen stupid ones, why do you fight in another man’s war?

Sinner why cast the first stone on a sinner?

Just as the Gorgon Medusa stares at everything but her own reflection

Continue reading


By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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1: You Made Me Like This

Someone once asked a terrorist why he kills without pity

“To live in Allah’s kingdom, must you destroy our city?”

But Ahmed laughed inwardly at the ignorance of this fellow

“If the nation down here wanted me would I the march to heaven follow?”


I once overheard the lion say he only killed because he had to eat

“If all I needed was placed before me I would only sit”

But to end the life of another is game to one particular beast

Hunger should not be the only thing satisfied at a feast Continue reading

…Figure And The Stranger…

By: Finan Fidelis-Nwoko

Level: 1

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A figure into your tent comes in
Leaving his home of comfort
For a discomfort had him driven
and the fear too of being cut short

Hence into this stranger’s eyes he looks
With hopes as high as mountain.
A stranger who has spent his life on books
and has forfeited much just to train Continue reading