King of Boys: The Return of the King Review

By: Arc

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“Can you make a sequel better than the original?” Lady Kemi answered, “Hell Yeah.” She delivered a masterpiece that has rightly been getting praise from all quarters since its release (save for a few bad belle, in fact, everybody does not like pawpaw). NazRev would score this National Treasure 9.9/10. The Return of the King rocks for the following reasons:

Themes: The story captures real societal problems (not the usual showbiz movie showing problems of Ikoyi/Lekki) and delivers its lecture in dazzling form. Laburu’s tale should be studied across Faculties of Social Sciences.


  • A woman is a product of her environment: This second installment shows Eniola Salami’s quest for redemption. She wants to do things the right way, but when her environment forces her hand, she reverted to “survival mode.” This emphasizes that we are only a reflection of our society like our giant says, “We are the monsters they made.”
  • Nigeria’s Political Structure and its support of criminals
  • The abuse of the house of the Lord @ cash-grabbing and accompanying scandals


  • The dangers of Nigerian Journalism (Global Journalism).
  • The behind-the-scenes of Candidates stepping down
  • The political chessboard of blackmail, bribery, coercion, warfare
  • How curiosity kills the cat @ the curious little boys
  • The Jail life of the elites

Extra points for showcasing the Biafra flag in such heated times (the movie is as real as it gets).

Sola Sobowale: Full stop.

Toni Tones: “Is she an Instagram Sunday Tatafo or a real actress?” We have our answer “SHE IS THE REAL ACTRESS.” Great performance.


Akin Lewis: An absolute joy to watch. He was chewing something in every scene, wasn’t he? He played Aare to perfection, and I couldn’t unsee Dino Melaye at some point.

Nse Ikpe-Etim: Could acting be perfecter? We need another movie of just Jumoke. The acting was so good; you could taste it, so sweet. Awesome casting choice.

The entire cast did their jobs (Ill Bliss, Charly Boy, et al.), and I would think it’s down to the director demanding and bringing out the absolute best.


Lighting, Camera Angles, Effects: Distinction. We have indeed come a long way in our beloved Nollywood industry. While we can hope to get better at gunshots and bleeding effects, the crew excellently put this action-packed thriller together. The scene of Odogwu Malay’s death was very nicely done.


What cost The Return of The King .1 on the scoreboard?

No movie is perfect except Living In Bondage: Breaking Free. The following stripped it of perfection status:

  1. The plenty assignments and head-scratching 
  • Odudubariba
  • Makanaki’s resurrection
  • The Presidency
  • Makanaki’s alliance with Oba

Not like we mind, we are more than happy to start our search for clues and hints from Film 1. Only these gave haters a basis to talk and query our love for this movie.


  1. Ade’s acting: IMO wasn’t at par with the high standards set by other actors. I feel they were stuck with him from the first movie and
  2. I didn’t get to see Adesua.


So…Get your Netflix subscription sorted, borrow a password or honour that dude’s Netflix and chill IV, watch this movie (if you haven’t seen the first film, see it first), then watch it again and join the online frenzy and conversations as you witness some of the best acting and directorial work seen on our shores.

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