I saw Love, Lust, and Other Things, so you won’t have to

By: Cassy

Spoiler Alert! There are a lot of spoilers in this review.

I expected a K-drama-type romance and love story, but there were no punchlines, no highs, no plot twists, no awww-mushy moments, and very bad acting from everyone.

The basic storyline is wonky and boring. The story is about an Abuja real estate agent, Lydia, played by Osas, who separates from her husband because he is a controlling man. After the separation, she is plagued by calls and advances from Soji (Kunle Remi), a man she cheated on her ex-husband with. Then she meets Shettima (Ramsey Nouah), a married billionaire who tries to woo her.

Lydia leaves her husband in the middle of the night during a fight. He seems a little violent and controlling; he pushes her to the bed as she struggles to leave him.

A little while after the separation, she meets Shettima at a house auction, where he bids the highest for all the houses up for auction. She goes to meet him to thank him, and he asks her out.

In any case, one thing led to another, and Shettima and Lydia ended up seeing each other often, as in dating meanwhile, she was well aware of his marital status. I must inquire: why make the protagonist appear so morally flawed with no redeemable feature?

Enter Soji, who is played by Kunle Remi. He’s supposed to be that guy whose sex blew her mind, that guy who has her dickmatised, but we are not buying the flashbacks of Lydia just sweating and moaning, and it’s just the same scene all the time.

I should add to this review that there’s a little side plot about Warri Pikin and her husband being childless which added nothing to the story.

The plot is so bad, and so many scenes are unnecessary, confusing and drag on and on.

Lydia went back to her ex-husband at the end of the day. Why? I thought he was controlling and violent. What’s the moral lesson of this film? Cheat on your husband? Go back to an abusive relationship? Date three men are once?

There is a scene where she receives a personal cheque from Shettima; he writes a personal cheque of 5 million naira for her (apart from the cheque for the houses), and she goes to return it angrily. I’ve never seen acting that’s so unbelievably bad. Her monologue was overdramatised and unrealistic.

Wale Ojo, who played her husband, and Kunle Remi deserve some credit; their acting wasn’t as bad. They put up stellar performances, you couldn’t tell they were acting.

Ramsey Nouah is a legend so it pains me to say performance was absolutely dreadful. He was supposed to play a Hausa billionaire, but he had the accent for as long as two minutes.
First off, the accent was terrible, so why begin badly something you can’t finish?

2/10 is my score for the movie, and 1 is for Osas’ beauty and the beautiful gowns she wore in the movie.

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