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By: Arc

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I needed this story so bad. Now my hope for Nigeria is flirting with zero, I needed a reminder of who and what I am- a Patriot. I am human and Nigerian before anything else. Right after this movie, I said the Nigerian Pledge and I meant it. This movie scores 9.5/10 on Nazrev’s books. It is a great, well thought out story. There were so many amazing themes on show:

  • National Integration: Even though the story is really about the North East, the director still found a way to showcase the major tribes in Nigeria- Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. In time, our movies would integrate Efik, Ibibio, Kalabari, Tiv etc.
  • The struggles of wives to the force and of course husbands.
  • Humanizing terrorists: I don’t exactly agree but they are humans, aren’t they? Some of them are victims too.
  • Bromance: The brotherly bond on show made me wish my friends and I joined the Army.
  • Air Force endorsing that the terrorists indeed steal and use military gear.

The casting was excellent, Sir Sadiq Baba (RIP) as President (SCORE!!!).  Nollywood veterans Keppy Ekpenyong and Francis Duru were hot sauce to this barbecue.

FEMI JACOBS, FEMI JACOBS, this man is ruthless at acting, HOT DAMN!!! Best Actor in a Supporting role @ AMVCA? Or was he the lead? His performance was that good. Every time he came on, he stole the screen. Immaculate performance, brilliant!

Funky Mallam was good, Uzee Usman played The General right and Abdul Zada made us love Baku.

The soundtrack was goosebumpy, A1 for the explosion scene, aerial shots took me back  to the  movie Top Gun.

I am shaving off .5 on the score board for the following reasons

  1. Publicity: Too poor. This movie should be trending nationwide on the day of its premiere. Sponsor ads, pay influencers, mount billboards. Mr. Paul Apel Papel, trusting his fine work should have delivered the noise to go with it. There were only 3 other people in the theatre watching this with me. The theatre should have been sold out, with the right noise; this definite award sweeper should easily become the highest grossing Nollywood movie. I guess we cannot preach this enough, Nigerians START WATCHING AND SUPPORTING INDIGENOUS MOVIES. You would be surprised at just how far they have come. It doesn’t help that it released at the same time Coming 2 America dropped, having seen both movies, I know which counts as money well spent.


  1. The Pilot’s wife (Patience Ujah): Her role was essential to the emotions the movie hoped to evoke, but she ended up being a prop with the amazing Enyinna (her husband) carrying everything on his broad shoulders. Maybe she wasn’t given enough screen time, maybe it is down to the actress and her unique style. The phone conversation where she informs Nuru of her pregnancy, then promptly says bye stands out for me as poor acting or is it poor directing.


  1. Pace: The movie had a pace of a documentary rather than that of an action movie. Thankfully it was so great, this becomes only a remark.


  1. The shooting: I enjoyed the fact that the military were shooting in military-trained fashion while the terrorists were shooting sporadically. This made for great watch; however I think we got bullet-hitting-human all wrong. It looked amateurish, surely we can do better. Afraid to use blanks and tomato paste?


  1. Mayday from the Blues: We should all assume that it was an act of God that made the Pilot’s jet crash eh.

I have 2 questions as well, please someone, anybody should enlighten me in the comment section

  • Why didn’t the pilot change his uniform? From where I stand, it’s a no-brainer, the terrorists haven’t seen his face. He can blend in with the community (he is not white). Is there some rule that discarding your highly expensive uniform is punishable by death?


  • I have seen this played out over and over again in military themed movies: “Never leave a man behind.” How does it make sense to risk the lives of 10 men to recover 1? How do the men sent on such missions feel? Less important? I guess I will never know these things till I pick up an enlistment form.

We need more movies like this to get young boys dreaming again, to get them to dream of fighting for their Nation (We rise together; doing bad things to bad people). If only they can be assured of a corrupt free service system. I doff my hat to all our heroes (May Allah bless our Bakus) and I say it most solemnly, may thunder verily fire all supposed sponsors of insurgency. I beg you, I beg everyone, get up, go to the cinema and see this national treasure. DO IT NOW!!!

Note to self: Write a treatment for the Military, they’ve got the cash to sponsor their PR.

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