Dora Akunyili: A National Symbol of Integrity

By: Arc

President Obasanjo for all his faults (if any), could spot patriots (real recognizes real). He interviewed Dr. Akunyili after she returned £12,000 in unused medical funds to the Petroleum Trust Fund, gave her an appointment that changed her life and allowed her act on her hero origin story- losing her sister to fake insulin. She became NAFDAC, which did not exist before 2001, and her name became its synonym.

She unleashed her righteous anger and started a war against fake drug peddling. Her good work was poorly received by fake drug pushers, ndi gbugolo ozu na high sea et al and they sought to take her out (not on a date). Dr. Dora always kept her head covered as she performed her priestly duties (as written in 1st Corinthians 11:5), and the assassin’s bullet missed her honoured head by inches, going through her ichafu (headscarf). They attacked her convoy with her children with her, it shows you just how ruthless the Nigeria crime syndicate is, perhaps the most brutal in the world, never mind what happens in Mexico. This close shave did not deter her, she continued her duties wearing the bravest look, determined to honour her pharmaceutical calling, to safeguard humanity through drugs and dismantle all networks used to circulate fake and substandard medicines.

Nigeria’s ratio of patriotic citizens has always been low, yet in her, we see a woman that embodies what it means to be loyal to Fatherland. She was wholeheartedly dedicated to our country and remained dedicated on the home front too. In true Anambarian fashion, she married her statesman (mummy anyi si) and nurtured half a dozen children to self-sufficiency. Unlike her thieving counterparts who build thieving dynasties and raise crooks to take their place, three doctors, an artist, a global shaper, and a psychologist, stand as shining testimonies of the good parenting of mother Dora and her surgeon husband, Dr. Chike Akunyili (their wealth does overflow).

She was appointed Minister of Information & Communications in 2008 and told no lies. The Ministry under her watch kickstarted the Rebranding Nigeria movement. Good people, Great Nation was resounded around the globe and many believed it. She was a true champion of Nigeria’s cause, with her failing health, she showed Viserys-type will (throne room walk) to show up for 2014’s National Confab and give her much-valued cents towards the betterment of her dear country. Sadly, the country fails all, those who hold her dear and those who do not alike. All thanks to our comatose healthcare system, Nigeria’s loyal daughter was deprived of closing her eyes to her fatherland’s skyline, she succumbed to uterine cancer in a foreign land. Nigeria will fail her again, quickening her reunion with her soulmate in the most gruesome way.

She remains the most awarded Nigerian. We would like to see an Akunyili run for president someday, a legacy surname that represents integrity and love for human beings, in sharp contrast to the legacy names (coup plotters, looters, known criminals) that currently plague us.

July 14th should be a National holiday, this woman is our MLK, she had a dream! Dear Nollywood, please get permission for a biopic and resound this heroine’s story.

“The evil of fake drugs is worse than the combined scourge of malaria, HIV/Aids, armed robbery and illicit drugs. This is because malaria can be prevented or treated, HIV/A ids can be avoided, armed robbers may or may not kill, cocaine and similar drugs are taken out of choice and by those that can afford them, but fake drugs are taken by all, and anybody can be a victim.”  (The Guardian)

What type of Nigerian are you? A patriot or a captive citizen?

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