By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 2

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Socrates speaks: Right from my earliest years [when exactly I do not know] I have never taken a thing said to me at face value

Except it be God himself that speaks I will doubt

The persons that speak to me are not liars but are merely vessels of half knowledge

But I believe knowing nothing is far less dangerous than knowing a little!

Plato speaks: Pardon my mentor for his rude way of speaking [it is no way to address you learned men]

What he meant to say was that the whole lot of you are little more than puppets

Some are basic puppets: puppets of culture, religion and group think. Hands and legs move only when moved

But there are still sophisticated mannequins among you.

Sophisticated, but puppets all the same

Socrates speaks: Listen stupid ones, why do you fight in another man’s war?

Sinner why cast the first stone on a sinner?

Just as the Gorgon Medusa stares at everything but her own reflection

Each of you battles an enemy who is simply your reflections in your mind’s mirror

Plato speaks: Please do not misunderstand the arrogant words of my teacher

After all by his own declaration he knows absolutely nothing!

But you that know, how do you know that you know?

It is human tendency to embrace irrationality because man has an affinity for unsound reasoning!

Socrates speaks: Please what you say is good, how do you know it’s good?

What you find vile, how do you know that it is worthy of loathe?

The weights and measures you use to judge, how do you know they are well calibrated

Plato speaks: Men of Athens, what my master is trying to say is that each of you must go home and ask yourselves

Plato and Socrates: How do I know that I know?



Sometimes I sit back and think

About what the future would look like

Is my tale going to be like every other Mr and Mrs Mike?

Gift my peace of mind so as to satisfy society?

I am not ready to sacrifice everything

On that altar called Christianity

My left shoe is white;

My right shoe is not my love,

I cannot ask you to untangle this knot

The complication that is my life

Cannot be simplified with a magic wand Darling,

I doubt there is a ring

That can fit into this hand

So I sat down and I made a wedding suit

Throughout the night I look at my creation;

This bridal dress feels me with delight

Applause with loud cheers;

Here comes the bride!

I the man and wife walk side by side

Before the mirror we exchanged the wedding vows

For better or worse;

For richer or poorer;

In sickness and in health;

I avow!

I stare at my lover who is me;

Love is all I see

Today we were joined forever;

Today I married me



From cradle we were taught

Only two colors were in existence

We accepted a two – colour world;

There was no evidence or experience

Dare to say or see otherwise

You face the consequence

Learned but yet closing our eyes to reality;

That’s simply avoidance


Tum! Tum! Tum! The sound of heavy feet

Can be heard from afar

Nothing is hidden under the sun, moon and star

Everything that walked these lands

Are in the earth’s memoir

That hidden door willfully concealed by us is now ajar

Open your eyes to see the great crowd

Coming towards your consciousness

Accept the truth for what it is;

This is no time for cautiousness


Rise up! Reinventing the colour wheel is not rebelliousness

Rejecting what is real and accepting what is not is the cause of the restlessness.

It is time to have the courage to unveil the rainbow

The world is not black and white; there is grey also

Revealing the truth is the debt to man that I owe

Break the roof of denial; let in the multicoloured glow

Go to the streets! Pour the paints on the monochrome wall

People of the Grey Zone listen to truth’s call

Grey is anything and everything;

Grey is all things great and small

Grey is the existence concealed;

Grey stands for “all “.


Nwachukwu Chukwuebuka Oguchi is a 400 level accounting student of Uniport and a holder of the ICAN AAT certification. He loves writing and reading. His interests are poetry, prose, satirical works and melancholic literature. Facebook username and handle name: wondakid16; Ebuka Nwachukwu.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)


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