…Prince Mordred…

By: Dennis Ekene

Level: 1

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Prince Mordred

I am Pharaoh’s first born and heir to the Egyptian throne
Forget the Israelite boy, I run this kingdom alone
I build what I want, who I want is who is dead
I don’t care whose ox is gored, I am Prince Mordred
The story untold, the tale they never wrote, the part they choose to forget
The Atrocities I made, the Carnage I create, the Anathema tagged on my hobbies
But there is nothing wrong in having blood for tea
Or decorating the palace with a few heads hanging on a tree
Who doesn’t love the aroma of burning flesh or the screams of women and kids Continue reading


By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 2

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Socrates speaks: Right from my earliest years [when exactly I do not know] I have never taken a thing said to me at face value

Except it be God himself that speaks I will doubt

The persons that speak to me are not liars but are merely vessels of half knowledge

But I believe knowing nothing is far less dangerous than knowing a little!

Plato speaks: Pardon my mentor for his rude way of speaking [it is no way to address you learned men]

What he meant to say was that the whole lot of you are little more than puppets

Some are basic puppets: puppets of culture, religion and group think. Hands and legs move only when moved

But there are still sophisticated mannequins among you.

Sophisticated, but puppets all the same

Socrates speaks: Listen stupid ones, why do you fight in another man’s war?

Sinner why cast the first stone on a sinner?

Just as the Gorgon Medusa stares at everything but her own reflection

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