By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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1: You Made Me Like This

Someone once asked a terrorist why he kills without pity

“To live in Allah’s kingdom, must you destroy our city?”

But Ahmed laughed inwardly at the ignorance of this fellow

“If the nation down here wanted me would I the march to heaven follow?”


I once overheard the lion say he only killed because he had to eat

“If all I needed was placed before me I would only sit”

But to end the life of another is game to one particular beast

Hunger should not be the only thing satisfied at a feast


The bible did acknowledge that the tongue had might

To kill body and soul bring it to every fight

Brightness and warmth will leave for gloom and chill

Search everywhere but you will not find the pill


There was this little kid that used to walk about on bare feet

From foster home to foster home and finally back to the street

“No one will stop and help me so I have to pick up a gun”

Fast movements, accurate target, take the money and run!


You’re the leader and your job is to make your people bleed

Work hard, go to the market, waste your time and buy seed

Harvest nothing, get broke, steal and pay taxes to your last dime

Get frustrated, do the crime and then do the time


“Fairy tales say we don’t need a plan; all we need are love and rings”

You fell in love, got married and filled the house with offspring

You left one; one became a terrorist, and the other two a thief and a tyrant

Off the lights kids, pretend to be asleep, listen to mum and dad rant



2: He Was A Good Man

A bottle of wine as he wakes up to face the new day

Five more before he lies on the bed to sleep.

Gentle sobs from the woman he calls “wife”

The bruises on her are evidence of six bottles of wine


Grade A is the costliest good the “learned ones” sell

A whiff of money and one is certified “excellent”

“But is it so bad if a tenth goes to the church?”

Give to Ceaser his own and to God his own


The titles before and after his name reflect his status

Trusted by the people that made him a leader

“But surely 50 million is too much for that project”

“Taking out 30 percent would certainly reduce waste”


All have gathered for the burial of the “great man”

He was a “rare gem” who did well to all peoples

As the undertaker lowers him into the ground softly

The parting chorus was “he was a good man”


3: Mess

See my shirt inside out again today

I can’t even walk in public without slip and fall

White hair from powdering my head

Only the fowls know how to be alert like me


I love myself so much I hate myself

Look at the eyes and not the feet please!

I am so strong my legs are shivering; its not cold

Your exam today is a blank sheet Mr I know All


Instead of a flower I bought a gun my love!

I witnessed different versions of the same story

Vampires don’t appear in group pictures

Ass glued to the seat listening to a tale I will forget tomorrow


Why have I not yet passed on to the afterlife? Well Its just my life anyway

Prince charming is not meant to charm everyone

I will give my live to Christ today where today equals tomorrow

I drowned in my bathtub and not in the public pool!


This thing it is I do I truly hate it

After this one I will retire; am a senior citizen

Oh! This sin in me lord take it away from me please

Sweet lord this is good!; after this one I will retire.


Nwachukwu Chukwuebuka Oguchi is a 300 level accounting student of Uniport and a holder of the ICAN AAT certification. He loves writing and reading. His interests are poetry, prose, satirical works and melancholic literature. Facebook username and handle name: wondakid16; Ebuka Nwachukwu.

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