Twice As Tall Review

By: Arc

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Twice As Tall Review

A review of Burna Boy’s explosive album

Before I begin, I must address New York Post’s “Beyonce-Endorsed” statement. Without fear of the Bees and their hive, I must say that Burna boy in 2020 is a bigger name than Beyonce; while Beyonce commands a large following (mostly women), she cannot lay claim to representing a continent. Burna Boy can, he is the African Giant.

Following his Grammy nominated African Giant (Read our review @ nazcargad), Odogwu has dropped twice as tall and I have scored each song on the 15 track compilation.


  1. Level Up ft Youssou N’Dour: 6/10. This track eased us into the album and featured legendary Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour that I frankly have never heard of (had to Google). Strong message; inspiration for everyone trying to get to the top or maybe far away from the bottom


  1. Alarm Clock: 7/10. A song made to be featured as soundtrack on movies and video games. Message to all black people to embrace our oneness and work towards our deliverance


  1. Way Too Big: 4/10. This should be Oga’s favorite track on the album given his notorious bond with one of the deadly seven sins (the one with the horse). The song doesn’t shake any trees


  1. Bebo: 3/10. I almost didn’t score this song. There is always that one song that doesn’t fit the album’s theme. The one you feel the artist kinda just threw in there (RE: Don’t you jealous me @ The Gift). Burna must decide which is most important: The Afrobeat, The Songwriting Talent or The New Africa Message. This track made it seem like all creativity was used up on the album art and accompanying animated video.


  1. Wonderful: 3.5/10. “I no want make person tell me say I too lazy”, jokes on you, LAZY was what I thought when I heard this song about a month ago. I get it though, release a not so okay song as a single, have the haters talk, and then surprise everyone with a great album.


  1. Onyeka: 10/10. Only one word for this- “Owambe”. Great track, Why does Jackie Chan keep coming up in love songs though?


  1. Naughty By Nature: 9/10. Nostalgia for 90s kids. Very well done


  1. Comma: 10/10. So you just got paid and you head out for a wild night with the gang, this is your jam as you sip your Guinness smooth and watch a lady dance


  1. No Fit Vex: 10/10. The album’s street anthem


  1. 23: 10/10. This is the first track that hit me. This right here is spinach for when you have to be Popeye.


  1. Time Flies ft Sauti Sol: 12/10. When you throw gold into the ocean, it settles at the bottom, that’s what happened with this album, the best tracks are on “SIDE B.” Once you push past track 5, you have made it. Time flies for me is the biggest song on this album. The song is a Stephen Hawking device, totally awesome. Playing this while driving on the highway is highly recommended (drive safely though)


  1. Monsters You Made ft Chris Martin: 11/10. Side B’s elevation is maintained with this Chris Martin feature (no longer as cool as it used to be eh). The message is hot damn!!! This should be written into a book and taught in schools PERIOD.


  1. Wettin Dey Sup: 10/10. “C’mon!” was my exclamation on hearing this Telz and Timbaland production. Give this a few weeks and “I no be one of those men wey dey fear Toto f**k yash” will be an urban refrain. Homophobia? Nah…It’s Africa!!! Well if the gay community find it offensive, its BYE BYE Grammy


  1. Real Life ft Stormzy: 10/10. A deep journey with Burna and Stormzy with great message in perseverance and taking care of your peace


  1. Bank on It: 9/10. A befitting outro for an awesome album. Can we really Bank on a Grammy nomination? We’d see

Average Score: 8.3

For all the hype, I thought I should calculate Diddy’s contribution to the album as the entire world tries to key into and exploit the last and only consumer market- Africa (Re: AS Roma Pidgin et al)

Percentage Diddy participation by track production (not the executive kind): 13%

Message: A rallying call to our heritage as Blacks; A message Nazcargad @ Naztory firmly agrees with. The artist must ask himself serious questions, are you revolutionary? Are you just selling music? You know what they say about no good deed. What is your intention? Are you MLK or Fela? Or are you Charly Boy?

Animated Video

The video shows Burna has been really doing some reflection. He admitted to errors and human faults. He sure does maintain his status quo of being proud as a nodatucker; pride is not so bad, you only need throw in a dash of class.

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