…Top 10 Nollywood Soundtracks…

  1. Producers, composers, marketers and video creators use sound to capture the viewer’s attention, to affect the mood of the audience and create a sense of anticipation

It has been said that a movie is incomplete without a good soundtrack. In many cases, some soundtracks surpass the original film and are often considered as being so significant in their presentation, they are considered on their own independent of the movie

May we look back to some of the most iconic movie soundtracks of our film industry; Top 10 Nollywood Soundtracks of all time

10-The Cat (The Cat)

In the era of Americanized Jim Iyke, we got a University cult classic with Uncle Jim enjoying childhood fantasies of playing a Nino Brown character. ♪Here comes the cat, here comes the cat…So wicked and tough♪ Rip Muna Obiekwe and shout out to Ini Edo

9-Danger Zone (Danger Zone)

Few would remember the CGI Agama Lizard movie, Saint Obi’s heroism and Victoria Inyama’s cringe worthy performance. The soundtrack remains fresh in many minds though. ♪Danger zone! I thought I warned you…Danger Zone, I made myself clear, Danger zone…Girl can’t you see, it’s Danger, Danger zone♪

8-Karishika (Karishika)

♪Karishika, Karishika Queen of darkness, Lucifer, Lucifer, King of Demons♪ The mother of all witches, this movie and its chant has been immortalized in various ways and has enjoyed being referenced from 1996 till date.

7-Love m oh, Ihunanya (Christ In Me)

Maureen Sylva’s mad performance and her screaming of “Richard! Christ in Me” would go down in Nollywood folklore along with the song that brought her to her senses ♪Sweetie m oh, honey m oh….Ka anyi buru otu n’ihunanya, Onye kewakwala ya…Love m oh ooooo, Ihunanya♪ This movie started Tony Umez “charmed” husband career.

6-Love agbawago m isi (My Love)

Classic love story of the Princess falling for a poor artist starred our number one lover boy Ramsey Noah and Chiege Alisigwe as Paul and Onwe. Their on screen chemistry immaculately delivered a fascinating romance story and the singing amid palm trees remains unforgettable. ♪Kpo m Love gi oh, kpo m ifunanya, kpo m love gi oh, Love Agbawago m isi (Love has scattered my brain)♪

5-You and I (Conspiracy)

Few soundtracks can match Onyeka Onwenu’s You and I will live as one from the movie Conspiracy. I feel AMAA and AMVCA should award it a retrospective best soundtrack award.

4-He Holds The Key To Your Life (A Cry For Help)

Do you know what suffering is? Have you seen suffer? This movie tells the pathetic story of an orphan Blessing and her many travails in life. Her go to song which turned hit track showed her unwavering faith in God; it also shows what all suffering people (Nigerians) must do, we must cling to an imaginary key holder. This song and the movie remains Nkiru Sylvanus’ only contribution to Nollywood

3-Araromire (Figurine)

I will try not to talk about just how awesome the movie Figurine is and just focus on the soundtrack. Wale Waves used his musical wizardry to trick our brain cells into believing in the goddess. I could start up an entire religion with that song.

2-Treasure (A Million Tears)

♪You are the treasure that I seek, you were close to me and I did not know, the love that I’ve been searching for many years, was right beside me, yet I couldn’t feel it…When I close my eyes, I see you coming to me….♪

Soundtrack of my youth, this song caused quite a stir across JSS 3 classes. Perfect way to make viewers forget that they were re-watching A Walk to Remember

1-Two Waves (Final Whistle)

♪Let’s meet like two waves…And promise never to part, never to part…You are the one I love…My heart belongs to you♪

Richard and Fina’s love song tops the charts. A perfect song for forbidden romance…Where is Rita Nwankwo?

Any left out?

Drop your pick in the comment section…




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