Nazcargad writer’s block accepts literal material from all genres…We are totally dedicated to allowing writers express themselves whatever way they feel right

All submissions should be emailed to

There are different categories (though our focal point remains creating  a catalogue of Nollywood movie reviews)

  • Arcticles,
  • Health Talk,
  • Reviews on Movies (Nollywood only), Books & Music,
  • Fiction,
  • Non-fiction,
  • Lyrics and Poems…..

Send them all in, lamentations, Ben Bruce Styled Outbursts or Piers Morgany Attacks….

Sketches, pictures, videos and any illustration you feel suits your literal work are all welcome…

Please send in materials along with a proper query letter including your full name and contact details. The following file types are acceptable

  • WORD document
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • MP3
  • MP4

There are no word count limitations and no deadlines, Nazcargad’s writer’s block is an always open shop…Feel free to send in submissions any time of day….

NOTE: Please thoroughly check your submissions for proper formatting, grammar and punctuation. Gross errors in these areas will seriously damage any work’s consideration for publication. All work must be original; we frown upon all forms of plagiarism.