…Let’s See…

By: Chioma Ibegbunam

Level: 1

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How do you feel when you break my face like a toy you once lost as a child?
How do you zoom into my body with your fist,
Heaving like you just won the only battle you fight everyday?
Your victory is to forget your father
So you wear him on my skin like someone you vowed to love but can’t stop hating.

How do you really feel when you hold my neck like a trophy?
You bastard!
Tell me,
Do you need a reflection of my broken body to accept what your soul looks like?
Am I the remedy so I become a drug you can’t help but abuse?
Is this the trick to make you smile so you call me wife when what you actually mean is clown?
I believe love is a language but yours speak pidgin
Rough on its edges like the man you have always been
Skilled at breaking things into the glory of your grudge
How you paint pain on my cheeks so I look exactly like how you feel.
Love is a stupid blind bat.
You have played me so well I no longer know what it is to referee.
I was the ball after all,
You just scored a goal.
Let’s see what happens when you try to kick again.
Let’s see what happens when you try.

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