…Jesus Did Not Come To Die For Our Sins…

By: Arc

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Jesus Christ Did Not Leave The Comfort Of The Heavens To Come Die For Our Sins…Yep I said it…Believing that he did is an insult to God’s status as Almighty…What you are effectively saying and believing is that God is accountable to some force in the universe. His creatures have sinned and this force needs retribution and therefore blood must be paid. This force would accept no other blood than the blood of his most precious (Re: Kanayo O. Kanayo ritualist movies). It makes my belly turn to think that this force God owes is the devil, can’t be, right? God doesn’t owe anybody anything…He is God, the Almighty…Even if we all pooped in the Atlantic, God would still have no one to answer to or pay by blood to…

Believing this means that Christ came down with a “script” having the ending as —“sacrifice yourself at the altar of Calvary to pay the force for their sins”…I’ve seen churches say “He paid the ultimate price”;“By the blood I have been cleansed of all sins” etc. Let me break this down, Christ came down with no mission to die, no one told him he would be scourged, crowned with thorns and nailed to a pole…He did not sign up for that, I make bold to say God didn’t sign up or sign in for that either…Do these words “Eli eli lama  sabacthani?” (My God, My God, why Hast Thou Forsaken Me) tell the story of a man who knew he would lay down his life from day 1? How about the agony in the garden, “My Father, If It Be Possible Let This Cup Pass from Me?” Jesus was caught up in our cruel world and he was scared to his boots sorry sandals (as they have depicted). The crucifixion I love to think was not pre-planned or pre-arranged as the very dramatic purging of the sins of the human race. If it were so we would have St. Judas national holiday…The man who made it all possible by selling out his master…Some would argue that Jesus of course knew Judas would do so, he was pin point prophetic—Judas, Peter’s betrayal and his resurrection…Mark “prophetic”, we all agree he was a prophet and surely he must display his skills but he didn’t “know” all things or maybe I should go easy and say he didn’t know exactly how  things would pan out…You study the bible you see our beloved prophet, lord and personal savior “running” away from a mob (many believe he graciously moved away from crowds)…Truth is he was a wanted man for most of his short ministerial time (on account of his perceived blasphemy)…He always went to mountain tops to preach, He preached very close to shore (ready to board a ship and “run” with his disciples)…What does this tell you? A man on the run, doing his best to fulfill his mission to save souls, lead them to God…A man obviously shaken by his cousin John’s beheading…My point? After giving the authorities the run around, he settled for a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, he was going to face his fears, maybe get a fair trial and show the people that he had brought nothing but the good news. At the last supper his psychic-prophetic-spirit-self took over and he accurately pin pointed the human who would sell him out. Prophecy like Elijah and co, permit me to say impressive but nothing special, nothing we haven’t seen before…Same as healing the sick, raising the dead…I know, I know, you are upset…Jesus is indeed special, he is the greatest prophet of all time and has the greatest names of all names, God’s most beloved son, only begotten etc. I say it again Jesus did not come to die for our sins…His mission was simple—Preach the good news, save souls…Let’s go break it down:

  • I start with my cherished memory of Mrs. Emilia’s booming voice as she took a C.R.K (Christian religious knowledge) class —“Whom Shall I Send…” Isaiah 6:8…The Lord speaking to the heavenly council of elders…The search was not for someone to give blood for man’s sins as we have wholly believed, the search was for a prophet who would make a difference…God must have been fed up with man…Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Elijah and co; man still wouldn’t learn…
  • Jesus accepted to come this time without the blemish of man’s mortality @ Immaculate Conception to make a difference. To tell it to us like we never heard it before…Not just tell us but show us…He taught us everything not just warn us about impending doom or strike rocks for water…He would have snatched up Nobel peace prizes in the present day…He was Nelson Mandela, He was Mother Theresa, He was Jesus…
  • Jesus was killed basically because men are way too screwed up to hear the truth and accept it without thinking of a power struggle…Jesus’ voice was Tu Face’s to the APC Government…A threat he was considered and the DSS swung into action…The Almighty watched on as his most beloved prophet was dragged to his death…All the while the Almighty was astonished by his prophet’s patience, endurance and willingness to forgive man (Re: Moses cursed the Israelites and even denounced them; Elijah ran and so on). Jesus was steadfast to the end…It is for this reason that the Almighty decided to honor him by raising him from the dead, ascending him into heaven, seating him at his right hand and placing his name above all else (above Elijah, Abraham and co)…His death was no payment to some force…Yes it is written he died for our sins; this should be better put to avoid misinterpretation — He died on account of our sins or as a result of our sins i.e. if we didn’t sin so damn too much he wouldn’t have come to set us aright and get caught up in the melee and power struggle of the Roman empire. I hope you get, no DEBT was paid, no DEBT was owed…He didn’t die to set you free, his words set you free. His words were for our sins (to set us aright), his death was on account of his words…Get it? So next time you raise your voice and shout “I have been saved by the blood”;  know that you have made no sense according to “me” lol…You are only “saved” by internalizing the good news he brought and doing your best to live by his words, his values, the lesson of the beatitudes etc.…He said it himself, he is the way, follow him as we are supposed to as “Christians—followers of Christ” and we shall not go wrong. Following him does not entail shunning Moses and co but prioritizing his refined values. Stop following establishments and general overseers in expensive suits. Stop putting your faith in a five minutes surrender statement and washed by the blood proclamations. Put your faith in his words and you shall see God. All the blood in the world can’t do squat for your sins…The only thing that can pay for your sin is you…

John 3:16— “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

So loved: Didn’t give up hope that we would never listen, sent another prophet to talk to us, still sends…

Gave his only begotten son: Gifted us his son. Sons of God =Angels? Only begotten? —Story for another day @ school of thought believing Jesus to be Angel Michael incarnate)

No mentions of debt, of death or blood…

Just believe in Jesus; the Man and his teachings and you shall not perish, you shall rock eternal life


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12 Comments …Jesus Did Not Come To Die For Our Sins…

  1. timeyin

    I do not agree with you here one bit.
    Receiving the strokes of cane and getting tortured was all in the script, Jesus knew it would happen, he had to prepare himself for that. Jesus didn’t just come to preach, No, he could have sent anyone then- prophets had been preaching for centuries already. He came for a purpose and that purpose was to die. I will tell you why:
    1. In Leviticus the bible makes it clear that life was in the blood, according to this covenant. Anyone that sinned was made clean/purified by animal sacrifices, hence “blood washing”. It was this same principle Jesus took, “like a lamb..he was led to the slaughter”. The connotative meaning of his death was that, he would be the final sacrifice- no need to kill sheep again…and in order to be saved, we have to believe in him.

    2. He was conscious of this sacrifice he had to make. Isaiah 50:6, the prophet writes about a servant of God who endures abuse at the hands of sinful people. This servant offers his back to those who beat him, his face to those who rip out his beard, and himself to those who mock and taunt him.
    Isaiah 53:5:
    5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.
    It was also prophesied by Zechariah and in the book of Psalms. So dieing was also part of God’s plan.

    3. The devil isn’t a force….he is a person

    4. The death of Jesus has great significance, because when he died…we died with him. He went to hell, took the key’s of life and death, took care of Satan by taking back our birthright and upon his resurrection all those that were in Abrahams bossom (which was in hell), could finally go to heaven.

    5. He died for our sins, basically:Rom4:25 He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. So we are no longer slaves to sin. Jesus himself said he came to die: Mark 10:45.
    The screams “my God my God why have thou forsaken me” can be explained thus:
    Upon his death, he was separated from God, God doesn’t like sin and on that cross the sin of the whole world was upon him…the holyspirit left him…he was on the cross as Jesus….he went to hell as jesus…a,mere mortal…..he did everything as man..Jesus…a poor mortal who had been disconnected from the father bcos,of our sins. However, the holyspirit raised him from the dead, and when he resurrected he wasn’t a man anymore- he was glorified, full of the spirit and triumphant.
    He didn’t need blood to function bcos his life was no longer in the blood, but in the holyspirit. He asked his,disciples to touch his side’s, it’s possible an organ or,two were missing….it’s possible he was bloodless.
    Everything for us…proving that our existence shldnt be by Haemoglobin but the holy spirit

    1. Richard Anozia

      Spoken as a Pastress…I’m Christian you know? Not atheist…
      Point 1: “Connotative” Meaning…” What does that even mean? Does it mean new generation churches can finally leave Catholics and Amadioha’s worshipers alone;We are connotatively serving God
      Point 2: Another prophet doing what prophets do…OFFER his back isn’t sacrifice…
      Point 3: I fail to see where you going with this, Miss Connotative, You might want to read the word “force” connotatively; Even you mortal tell yourself most times-“I am a force to be reckoned with.”
      Point 4: As you were told in sunday school…
      Point 5: Saint Paul Reporting—It is said Jesus died for the sake of your sins/ as a result of your sins/ because of your sins…It is not died FOR your sins…
      All my life I celebrate mass “This is my body which would be given up for the sake of you.” Understand that Christ is not paying any debt for anybody…He came to save us (via the good news) and died as a result…Thank you also for ending with the beautiful line “Our existence shouldn’t be by haemoglobin but the holy spirit.”
      Then Imma Have Fun With This By Ending With Psycho Kanye’s Line— “You ain’t got the answers Tim, you ain’t got the answers…

    2. Richard Anozia

      Please do try to process the message; THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF JESUS’ COMING IS THE GOOD NEWS HE BROUGHT NOT HIS DEATH…FOCUS MORE ON HIS WORDS AND LESS ON COMPOSING SONGS ABOUT HIS DEATH AND HIDING UNDER THE CLOAK OF THE BLOOD…You are responsible for your sins and only you can make sacrifices for your sins (why Zacchaeus returned his stolen money), reason why Jesus didn’t prioritize setting the nailed criminals at his side free but promised a place in heaven for the one who was sorry, who had made his sacrifice by himself…Jesus blood did not save him from the debt he owed, he died (I know I know,he died to live again)…As for the bigger picture DEBT, GOD OWES NO ONE…

  2. Timeyin

    I just laughed….
    Because Christianity and understanding the basics of the gospel isn’t head knowledge…it’s not pharmacology….

    If God wanted to just let the good news spread…he could have used another prophet…the sacrifice was giving his son…and not just to teach us….but to die…Jesus knew he was sent to die…his coming would have been pointless without his death..resurrection and ascension..he would have been like every other prophet if he didn’t…

    Prior to the coming of Jesus….was the law. .the mosaic law…and Jesus came to fulfill that law….and part of his fulfillment was to die…which he said by himself.

    As Christians with rhema…we have long since passed the stage of “hiding under his blood”…for his blood has done what it’s supposed to do and we are now fruits of his redemption.

    We sin because we are humans and we can never make sacrifices for our sins, no matter how much our conscience troubles us…Once you’re in Christ..you ought to subject your flesh to your reborn spirit..Because ur spirit is born again…and not your flesh.

    The reason why it’s so amazing is that…God doesn’t owe us…with the twinkle of an eye he could erase humanity and start all over again…but God in his awesomeness loves us as much as he loves his son, Jesus. He loves us so much, that even as stupid and ungrateful as we are…he still chose to send his best treasure, what he held closely to himself…his son to us…So God loves you…as much as he loves Jesus…that everything Jesus was when he was on earth…is what we ought to be….

    In summary it is inarguable that Jesus knew what he was going to do was more than preach the gospel…but to die in our stead…so that we may have life.

    Bless you ZOD

  3. Ebuka

    As the say, there are many sides to a coin. Allow me to present the other side.
    1) What Simeon told Mary(Luke 2 34:35)
    Yes. Simeon who was not even a prophet in the strict sense
    [All the bible said was that he was a good man, filled with the spirit, and constantly expecting the messiah] knew Christ would die. Even when he was still a babe. He basically told Mary “A sword shall pierce your soul…” So is it possible Christ, the son of the most high, was ib the dark?

  4. Ebuka

    2) Christ’s dad is not Ghandi or Buddha. His dad is Yahweh, the terrifying God of Israel who required blood for appeasement.
    Fact is, most people seem to forget Christ was sent by Yahweh. You spoke of a “force” requiring Christ to spill blood. Yes, there is. That force was/is Yahweh.
    God commanded the nation of Israel to perform numerous sacrifices according to certain procedures prescribed by God. First, the animal had to be spotless. Second, the person offering the sacrifice had to identify with the animal. Third, the person offering the animal had to inflict death upon it. When done in faith, this sacrifice provided a temporary covering of sins. Another sacrifice called for on the Day of Atonement, described in Leviticus 16, demonstrates forgiveness and the removal of sin. The high priest was to take two male goats for a sin offering. One of the goats was sacrificed as a sin offering for the people of Israel (Leviticus 16:15), while the other goat was released into the wilderness (Leviticus 16:20-22). The sin offering provided forgiveness, while the other goat provided the removal of sin.
    So whether you want to accept this or not, there is no forgiveness without shedding of blood (see Hebrews).

  5. Ebuka

    3) What Christ was before Yahweh in heaven (see Revelation)
    If we go with you “he was just a prophet trying to do what he could to save souls” argument, then why was he presented as a Lamb without Blemish to John in the vision? I mean why not a parrot or pigeon or some other animal associated with passing on messages? Why did it have to be a male sheep with no blemish? The same animal Yahweh required that its blood before his altar for forgiveness.
    Some could argue that blood sacrifice was to solemnize the gift of forgiveness from Yahweh. Others would argue that it was simply in accordance with Yahweh’s order that “the wages of sin is death”. Whatever the case, the lamb was used as a substitute for the people. No arguments about this. So there are numerous biblical evidence that Christ was a lamb as well (duh…that’s what he is presented as in heaven!) Who was a substitute as well.

  6. Ebuka

    3)What did he mean @ Gethsemane?
    Yes. This has led to a lot of debates. What did he mean by “If it is possible let…”. Funny thing is that the expression, however we look at it, points @ a man who knew his time to pay up had come. A school of thought holds that he was trying to back out from the predetermined fate.
    There is still a school of thought that he (Christ) was asking for strength. That he was about to die when the time to die had not yet come. (See Living Bible)
    Whatever one we adopt, fact remains that he died anyway. Of course if t had not been predestined, surely God would have ” changed it” for his son.
    On whatvyou said about the Crucifixion, Christ did ask “…why had thou forsaken me?” Be realistic, if you were impaled on all limbs with nails on a cross, would you not also regret whatever mission you accepted (at least momentarily)? Again he said “it is finished”. Why didn’t he say it at his last sermon? Why after his body had been drained of life?And why was it at that moment that the temple viel had to tear, and dead souls rise? Surely could have chosen some other time to occur? Maybe during his sermon on the mount? So, the most significant things he came to do all suddenly manifested at his death by coincidence?

  7. Orieno Smiles

    While your piece is fascinating, I do not intend to linger on this much, as it is said “belief is free” and salvation is personal.

    I appreciate Timyin for bringing up the scroll of Isaiah and or Paul and for the commentary

    The death of John the Baptist was never a shock to Jesus, and Jesus was never a runner. The times he escaped being attacked was because the time had not come for his death.

    Disregarding the power of the Holy Spirit is blaspheming and unpardonable sin. Go ask for repentance and pray for the Spirit to “guide” your writings.

    “Do not use your wisdom to measure the might of your creator”


  8. Ebuka

    4) He knew he would die. Simple.
    There are still a lot of things in the Bible which could kick off your “perspective” out of the window. Maybe things like the prophesy by the prophets for God’s sake! They were all in on it. Isiah a prominent voice among them. But I will still not go down that road.
    In the last supper he said “…this is my blood that will be shed…” Does this sound like a man who didn’t know death was coming? U could argue that, just like how he knew it’ll be done by Judas that maybe he suddenly “psychically” knew death was near. But why not a simple “I think I will die soon”. Why the “… Shed for you” and the “do this in memory of me”? So a man who was a victim of a unplanned death suddenly had a foresight to use his death as the theme for his last supper on earth…will asking his friends to keep doing it after he had suffered that cruel fate?
    U said somewhere that he didn’t die for us but died for ” our sake”, what is the difference? The innocent lamb that was killed for Yahweh didn’t die for the Israelites…he died for their sake. It probably wouldn’t have chosen that if his opinion had been sought (never mind that Christ chose his).
    Again, you talking of Christ coming as “just another prophet” is an outright mockery. So if that was what he was, what exactly was the whole “name above alnames” thing about? He was given the name for being “just another Elijah”?
    Evidence against your very unchristian piece (no offense) are too numerous to list. But take the advice of your earlier commentators, divorce Christianity from academic and literature and just stick to the script. You can save your sentiments for when your reviewing Gandhi’s life

  9. Richard Anozia

    …And they all come for Arc…No need to play the devil’s advocate…
    @ Ebuka…Did you read this piece? Or you scanned through and picked battle points…About the term “Know” and “Prophecy”; I am not disputing, I am saying his death isn’t CONTRACTUAL…Yahweh is the force; God sent his beloved son to die to appease himself…Super Cool OCD? Making sure things follow natural order? Who then is nature? You also don’t see the difference between died for and died as a result of…

    I find it extremely appalling that you lot run to words like academia, pharmacology (shocked eyes), wisdom and such and such…Deeply saddened by this; breaks my heart really… Discussing religion is never for knowledge show off…NEVER…Be you the Pope or Einstein, no one has even 40 percent knowledge of the scriptures and its convoluted parables…ONE TRUTH WAS SHARED IN THIS PIECE AND YOU ALL MISSED IT AS YOU ALWAYS DO

    Anyways this is what the awesome book does, schools upon schools of thought…One thing is beyond school-of-thoughting — HIS TEACHINGS…Whatever you are: man, beast, pagan or nada, once you are like Christ, think like Christ and follow his ideals,you shall know peace, you shall be saved…

    “Christians obsession over the other things is the reason why we are not at peace, why we are divided in our beliefs…We are one when we stick to our description—Christians—Followers of Christ…”


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