…Black And Proud…

By: Kay Kay
Level: 1
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It’s been about us…..

It’s been about the power we wield…..

Afraid of our powers, our strengths, our numbers, our dreams…

Our Perfections

Yet we fight no battles….

We are angels yet tended to as demons


Black and proud is all we are

A new revolution is all that will take this world thus far…

All we ask is justice

Our numbers are reduced brutally

We just want peace

“We can’t breathe”

We need the air of Freedom and Life

The right to live and be free


“All Lives Matter”

Yet because of the colour of our skin

We are discriminated…..

We are ill-treated…..

But no! We deserve Equality

Black, white, mixed? We’re all the same

It’s not just about us.

It’s about the world.

Black and proud…..

Our Melanin skin…..

Much the same as graphite and diamond

Never trading who we are

For anything in this world

We deserve to be treated with Love

Because Black is beautiful

And Black Lives Matter too

Black and proud is who we are.

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