By: Chukwu J.C

Level: 1

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The thing about EXPECTATIONS is that you place them on people you care about. Those very tiny gestures that prop us to walk with our shoulders high and crowns straightened. Those few words that add color to our days and help us sleep better at night. These tiny details make all the difference. I would say “expectations are like volumes of life notes shared to an audience, to look inward and read the volumes with their inner lights.” Continue reading

Jonathan’s Good Luck Charm

By: Arc

Level: 3

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Many have described Nigeria as a jungle, a shit hole with raving mad wild animals. Who better then to tame its wild life than a Zoologist?

Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan with his PhD in the scientific study of animals was a perfect fit for the role of our country’s Chief Zookeeper. Continue reading