…Sheila’s Thoughts…

By: Timeyin

Level: 1

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“I always thought that going to school, coming out with great grades and being a good girl paid; I always thought that. Here I am in this cubicle called a house; I am too ashamed to even call it ‘home’. No water, no electricity, no food, just oxygen and a dozen of silly rats who can’t wait to devour my poorly laminated first class degree certificate. It’s been six years since I left the University of Port Harcourt, five years since I served my father land and four years since I lost my first and only job. Continue reading

…The Set Up…

By: Arc

Level: 3

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Air came rushing through my lungs

I cried, my first attempt at protest

Formula was forced way down my throat

I was deprived of nature’s best milk


Palms and knees against the floor

Bruises should guarantee stronger bones

The daily struggle to remain on my feet

My first step was no mean feat Continue reading