By: Ezinwanne Udeogalanya

Level: 1

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Episode one: Efe

Finally, five years of undergraduate study to become a Pharmacist is over. The major highlight being the final year student research work; usually called the one dreadful name “Project’’.  I will spare the bloody tales for another day and start out with an interesting note-worthy event that came out of a friend’s project journey.

The other day, Efe told me and Wellington the most hilarious story: All you need is 2 minutes with Efe to declare her the funniest in southern Nigeria. As most conventional stories start at the beginning, I will commence this story in chronological order to help you see the importance of this event in Efe’s life… and mine as well.

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…Prince Mordred…

By: Dennis Ekene

Level: 1

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Prince Mordred

I am Pharaoh’s first born and heir to the Egyptian throne
Forget the Israelite boy, I run this kingdom alone
I build what I want, who I want is who is dead
I don’t care whose ox is gored, I am Prince Mordred
The story untold, the tale they never wrote, the part they choose to forget
The Atrocities I made, the Carnage I create, the Anathema tagged on my hobbies
But there is nothing wrong in having blood for tea
Or decorating the palace with a few heads hanging on a tree
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…The Gospel: Ist Entry…

By: Chikodili Ochuba

Level: 1

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“Readjust your gaze”

Earthquakes, land slides, hurricanes, storms, wars, genocides, plane crash, road accidents, poverty, sickness, pain, unemployment, insanity, betrayal, sufferings, imprisonment, helplessness, death, hatred… Has plagued man since as long as we can think of and earlier than our memory has in record. We live in an imperfect world where trials and challenges abound. Mothers watch kids die and they can do nothing to get them back to life. The more we pray for the ills that we see to come to a stop the more innovative evil gets and we wonder, “what went wrong? ” Continue reading


By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 2

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Socrates speaks: Right from my earliest years [when exactly I do not know] I have never taken a thing said to me at face value

Except it be God himself that speaks I will doubt

The persons that speak to me are not liars but are merely vessels of half knowledge

But I believe knowing nothing is far less dangerous than knowing a little!

Plato speaks: Pardon my mentor for his rude way of speaking [it is no way to address you learned men]

What he meant to say was that the whole lot of you are little more than puppets

Some are basic puppets: puppets of culture, religion and group think. Hands and legs move only when moved

But there are still sophisticated mannequins among you.

Sophisticated, but puppets all the same

Socrates speaks: Listen stupid ones, why do you fight in another man’s war?

Sinner why cast the first stone on a sinner?

Just as the Gorgon Medusa stares at everything but her own reflection

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