…Amidst A Painting…

By: Nkoli Os’kar

Level: 1

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Seated in cool silk sand, with the rest of her world behind her. She gazed calmly across brown seas with splashes of the setting sun’s tainting red.

Her climb into this portrait; every bit its worth.

“It’s amazing they think creativity takes a similar path to insanity when this is all that keeps me sane.” She thinks to herself.

“No Heller 22’s here…It’s the rest of the world behind me who’s insane.” She heaves a sigh.

Choice, the scarcity of it, is what decides me here. Continue reading

…Perfect Man…

By: Kay Kay

Level: 1

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My world has space for just one soul

Kind and sweet as ever

My next world got space for your existence, a set goal

Space for a perfect man, mine forever


I’ve always believed in you and all your desires

All I see is perfection in your eyes

You’re all I think of, all I dream of, all I want and need Continue reading

…I’d Rather Be Well Paid…

By: Arc

Level: 3

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The emboldened letters above form my reply to the much publicized “I’d rather be self made” campaign. It is becoming sickening the way entrepreneurs talk about “having a job”. If I should key into the trend of the 21st century, people with jobs are being “job-shamed” by the entrepreneur elites…Every corner there is someone bashing a 9-5, someone referencing Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Davido, Ikeji etc…I know they mean well, trying to inspire the young to break out of the chains convention has bound them with, get them to think outside the box…Quick questions though “Do you have to be so bashful about salary earning?” “Must you drive a desk job fellow to the famous suicidal bridge before you motivate others?” “Are you at all concerned that you are giving a very powerful sermon to a congregation full of unformed, unrefined and un-mentored minds?” Minds that lack in understanding as well as in wisdom…Minds that swallow all you say and fail to process thoughts accordingly, blindly following the “self-made” train… Continue reading