…Calvary Walk…

By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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“Elohim it is I your only son that calls”

“Great prince of the heaven is now weak and so falls”

But Gabriel’s gentle voice can be heard from afar:

“Strength to the king who will win the morning star”


“This cross I carry is not what makes me weak”

“It is the hate in the eyes of those whose salvation I seek”

But Michael was quick to remind the tired God

“Before Yahweh and his elders you agreed to toss your crown into mud” Continue reading



Level: 3

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Consciousness floated through the void till about the age of 3, the word became flesh. I became Chijoke. He was a blank slate, little by little he knew. Form was made out of his functioning and in no time goals were set, conquered and crushed. He led his primary school classes, he scored the highest at common entrance; secondary school was business as usual. The university was different, Chijoke struggled but his struggle turned out best. Accolades came pouring; cash gifts and jobs all gave the soldier comfort. Continue reading