…The Catholic Church Exodus…

By: Arc

Level: 3

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Why People Leave the Catholic Church

The Priest:  It’s either they let any willing billy enter the seminary or they don’t train them enough. Rule number one “A priest should never ever be a bore, never ever.”

Someone trained for years in philosophy should come out refined and should awe the crowd with each word that comes out his mouth. A priest must be pious, have charisma and most importantly have a sense of humor with an ability to connect dots. You are going to be talking to people the rest of your life; you must be good at it or be trained to be good at it. You can’t spend years studying good books, listening to old geniuses and bishops, touring cities on apostolic work and still turn out a pious, uncharismatic bore.

Catholic priests these days lack the essential qualities of a priest. Some are too lazy to put their back into the work, they come to mass to recite the same homily we have heard from CRK, catechism and other homilies. The effect- most people are sleeping through mass. I know a priest who puts his back into it and I site him as an example. Father John prepares notes for his homily prior to the mass. He reads, meditates and digests the word of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide his thoughts so he knows how best to convey the message to his flock. He links the readings to family, duty, politics-everyday life. The sweet priest links the homily to last night’s show on African Magic. That’s connecting… Continue reading

…It’s Your Day…

By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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Out of 365 days of the year there is one day when everyone is a celebrity

On that day you are the star of your own dream; sign your autograph for your fans

Numerous Facebook write-ups all announcing the anniversary of your birth

Today Mummy remembers the theatre room, the pains and then the joy of the gift that is you. Continue reading

…The Contest…

By: Akin Akinnibosun

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Beauty Contest: Amongst Healthcare Providers

Akin Akinnibosun

The Queen stood before the mirror and asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The Mirror replied, “Thou art fair O Queen, but the fairest of all is Snow White.” This response infuriated the Queen and she set out to rid the kingdom of Snow White, even to the point of turning into a witch, in order to feed her a poisoned apple.

At the 83rd conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria tagged Taraba 2010, the keynote address Speaker, Professor Eyitayo Lambo used this phrase, “Beauty Contest” to describe the unhealthy competition that goes on among Nigerian Healthcare Providers in soliciting favours and attention from the government and the Public. And so, the Physician considers herself the most beautiful but when she stands in front of her magic mirror, the mirror to her consternation says otherwise. So she seeks to side track or ‘rid the kingdom’ of every other health professional in order to establish her throne, during which time she loses her primary focus of caring for her patients and keeping abreast of the latest medical techniques. No wonder the elites immediately fly abroad for the simplest medical procedures- evidence that our Physicians have lost concentration. Continue reading

…Withered Petals…

By: Kay Kay

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Never have I forced myself to get such a gorgeous price

So enticing, yet so many nominate me as the most beautiful

Never have I experienced such hatred, jealousy and spite

Yet people wake up one morning to detest an innocent creation, oh so hateful


I’m a flower with gorgeous petals that wither

Because of the thorns in the garden

Thorns that have pierced through my soul

On the branches of a blossomed tree is a beautiful rose

At the foot of a growing tree, withered petals fallen

Continue reading