By: Ebuka Nwachukwu

Level: 1

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I close my ears because the sounds I hear are too loud
Pandemonium outside and inside me are a noisy crowd
But somewhere within I hear a still small voice
“If you block out the doubts, you’ll hear me beyond the noise” Continue reading

…But I’m Okay!!!

By: Arueyingho Victoria (Timeyin)

Level: 1 

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(A series on severe psychiatric problems)

‘Steve! Steve! Stay in one place!’

He ran away, lifted a plastic chair and swayed his hips to an imaginary tune. Miss Mary was tired of chasing him around the class, she stood with her arms folded and gave him a stern look, ‘Steve if you don’t drop that chair you will have no buns for a whole week!’ she threatened. He ignored her and ran out of the class into the arms of his mother who had coincidentally come to pick him. Continue reading